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Day Boarding

What is Day Boarding?

We offer day boarding and social enrichment for dogs to stay at Bing's Boarding during our regular business hours.  Social dogs are added into playgroups and can be out with multiple playgroups throughout the day. When they are not in a playgroup, they get some rest time in one of our Kozy Kennels or Luxury Lodges. Another benefit of Day Boarding is that we can accommodate intact and non-social dogs. For intact dogs, we can control which playgroup they are a part of, and dogs that may not enjoy the company of other dogs can go out for their playtime with one of our attendants for some one-on-one time.  Day Boarding is an excellent option for people who need somewhere for their dog during the day that is safe, where they will get personal attention and care throughout the day, accommodations for their individual needs, and plenty of exercise. 

Day Boarding costs $28.00 per day. Spots are on first come first serve basis and may not be available during our peak boarding times. 


Top 5 Benefits of Day Boarding:

  • Socialization- Consistent, safe socialization is incredibly important for behavioral development and stability.

  • Relieves Separation Anxiety- Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral problems with dogs. Being in a safe, engaging environment with other stable dogs and human interaction can help prevent a dog from ever developing anxiety and reduce the negative effects on a dog that suffers from anxiety.

  • Physical Exercise- Regular exercise is essential to keeping a dog healthy, both physically and mentally throughout their life. Structured and free play is also recommended to deter behavior problems.

  • Maintains Routine- Consistent routine and structure are important for dogs. Dogs who receive regular reinforcement of good behavior and discouragement of negative behavior are better behaved, happier dogs.

  • Peace of Mind- You love your dog. With busy lives and work schedules, it is sometimes hard to provide all the stimulation, supervision, and daily care a dog needs. Knowing that your dog is in a safe environment where they are getting their needs met throughout the day gives you the peace of mind to know you are providing everything you can for your beloved fur baby. 

Having five dogs ranging in sizes and breeds, we know how important socialization, group play, and training reinforcement is. One of our dogs was re-homed and adopted by us because of his extreme separation anxiety and destructiveness. Within one week of being a part of our pack, he was like a different dog. The emotional stability that a healthy and stable group of dogs provides is the best medicine! Guests at our home are amazed that we have five dogs ranging from a Great Dane to a Chihuahua that are well behaved and happy. We attribute this to socialization, consistent reinforcement of training, and plenty of exercise. 

Our dog playgroups are supervised by one of our attendants who is trained in dog behavior to recognize stress signals, dog reactions, and has the leadership skills to maintain a safe and stable environment. We group dogs into play groups based on their individual needs such as activity level, energy, and personalities. Having a balanced and manageable ratio is essential to having a successful playgroup. We evaluate each dog prior to placing them in a playgroup. We always place the needs of the dogs first, and would never put a dog in a situation that isn't safe or appropriate for that dog's needs. 

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