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Daily Enrichment

If your dog is here for day boarding or overnight boarding, our goal to to make every day feel like a fun vacation! We focus on the individual needs of each dog and what they need to be safe, happy, and engaged.  For some dogs, this means joining a playgroup of dogs with similar energy and temperaments. For others, it might be one-to-one time playing fetch, or cuddling time and belly rubs. ALL dogs receive at least three playtimes during the day, with additional potty breaks.  We get to know each dog and evaluate what they need to have an amazing time while at Bing's Boarding. NO dogs are ever left to sit in a kennel or room without multiple interactions throughout the day. It is our belief that having enrichment activities throughout the day helps reduce stress and anxiety, and results in a happier dog and a more positive boarding experience. Spending so much time with each dog in our care also allows us to really get to know them, observe any abnormal behaviors, or notice any potential concerns that can be addressed immediately. It is our greatest compliment when we see dogs pulling their owners through the parking lot to get in the doors and jump into our arms because they are so happy to be back!


Social Playgroups

We evaluate social dogs for playgroups during their stay and match them with dogs of equal energy and similar temperaments. We feel that going out in playgroups during their play times helps them release energy, relax, and is mentally stimulating. Most of the time, when dogs come back in from their playgroup, they lay down and take a nice nap... until it's ready to play again!  We keep track of the dog's needs and many times dogs who come frequently instantly recognize their favorite furry friend or dog care specialist. Our playgroups are always supervised. You might find some playgroups love to run and chase, or play fetch with a ball or frisbee. Other groups might prefer a slow saunter around the yard and some quiet sunbathing. We routinely add new toys, obstacles, and games to keep dogs engaged. 

Individual Attention

Not every dog enjoys a large playgroup. We ALWAYS put the needs of the dog first. That might mean one-to-one play time, maybe just going out with their own doggie "siblings", or even just one or two dogs. We can accommodate your dog's needs for daily enrichment and engagement. 


**We can accommodate dogs that need to go out alone, but we cannot take any dogs that display any human aggression or bite history. 

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