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Dog Wash


Regular grooming isn't just necessary for specific dog breeds, it essential to every dog's health. Grooming provides for better hygiene and smell, reduces shedding and keeps your dog's coat healthy, can help prevent skin issues and ear infections, and keeps nails manageable. Grooming also provides an opportunity to thoroughly check over your dog and can lead to early detection of problems such as fleas, skin or health issues. 

Dog Spa Bath

Dog Wash
  • Deep Cleaning Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Blueberry Facial Scrub

  • Blow-Dry

  • Brush Out

  • Nail Trim & Buff (buffing if dog allows)

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Fresh Breath Treatment

  • Bow or Bandana

  • Scented Spritz

Full Groom

Dog Spa

A-la-carte options

  • Basic Bath- shampoo, condition, blow-dry, brush out, nail trim

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Trim Around Eyes

  • Feet Trim

  • Nail Trim and Buff

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Fresh Breath Treatment

  • Teeth Brushing (if dog allows)

  • Flea Treatment (add to bath)

  • De-shedding (add to bath)

  • Every Full Groom includes everything in a Spa Bath and a Haircut

Important things to know about Bing's Boarding grooming:

  • NO cage dryers are used. This means that your dog is never left unattended in a cage dryer where there is risk of overheating and injury.  All dogs are dried by hand by our groomer, which we also feel leaves the coat softer and healthier.

  • Matting will affect the groom price. Please read more about matting here

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