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Grooming Pricing

Spa Bath:
pricing spa 3.22.PNG
Basic Bath:
pricing basic bath 3.22.PNG
Full Groom Services:  All full grooms include a spa bath
groom pricing.PNG
A-la-carte Services:
pricing a la carte 3.22.PNG


  • If you would like to schedule a bath during your dog's boarding stay, you can add this service on your check-in form. All baths for boarding/daycare dogs receive a 15% discount.

  • ALL other grooming services must be scheduled. Full grooms are not guaranteed during a dog's boarding stay. We request that you call in advance to get your dog on the grooming schedule. (Boarding/Daycare discount does not apply to full grooms)

  • We highly suggest you get on a regular schedule for grooming as we sometimes can book up to a month in advance.

  • If you need your dog to stay longer than their scheduled grooming time at Bing's to accommodate your schedule, we do offer 1/2 day boarding ($21) and full day boarding ($27)

Expressing Glands: We do not express anal glands at Bing's Boarding. We feel this is something that should be discussed with your veterinarian.

*please note price can increase based on specifics of each dog (condition of coat, behavior, specific needs)

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